Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Visting the pet store with Louie.

Homemade crepes.

Pokemon cards.

Portal assistance from David.

Brotherly love at the Botanic Garden.

Field Museum.

Hong Huah for lunch.

St. Patrick's Day breakfast.

Leprechauns on the bus.

A few small repairs...

Bonus: flat tire.

Lilli's new look, or: Alternative Use of Martin's Life is Good t-shirt. 

Lego animation class at our homeschool coop.

First bike ride of the season.

Parking the bikes at Bang Bang Pie shop...

Finally made it to Huck Finn's  in Bridgeport for breakfast.

And for donuts...

Bridgeport Arts Center.

Lake walk.

New haircut.

Chain maille tutorial.

Lilli's 3rd Birthday.

Beekeeper's uniforms.

New clay class at Penguin Foot Pottery.

Max and Glo.

Fun with filters.

Mandolin practice.

Breakfast with Mozart.

Waiting in line at Hot Doug's.

Weekend walk.

To Tennessee!

The boys and I took a quick but fun road trip to Tennessee to visit my parents. We had the mission of picking up and bringing back two packages of bees to install in our beehive, but we also wanted to see my parents, get a chance to hold a few of their new little chickens, and run around in the warm Tennessee sunshine.

It was only two days, but we managed to do a lot. We worked in the studio both days, one day throwing on the wheel, and the next adding handles or texture to our pieces.

My dad had another beekeeper help him divide one of his current hives.

The studio and chicken house in the early spring.

Bees ready for travel.

It rained for at least 6 hours of our drive home, but we made it safe and sound.

Monday, April 21, 2014

More Tuesdays with Ruben

We're still hanging out with Ruben on most Tuesdays, and the boys are very excited about their food blog. They have also done some geocaching when the weather is nice. They usually go to science class, but their interest in the class is waning (I think they are outgrowing it), so we've skipped a couple and had long outings in the neighborhoods where we are dining that day.

Our friend Christen has a button making company (Busy Beaver), and we have a huge collection of buttons we have gotten from her over the years (they have vending machines called Button-o-Matics in lots of area restaurants which feature buttons designed by different artists, and we've been collecting them since they were first introduced). Ruben was looking at our collection, and when we told him we knew someone with a button company, and not only that, but that there is a Button Museum in their office space, he was sold. We scheduled a visit. (And even if you are far away, you can visit it too in their online Button Museum.)

The Busy Beaver is not far from one of our favorite new discoveries: Parson's Chicken and Fish. We were very happy to have an excuse to visit it again.

Another Tuesday we went to Urban Belly.

and slurped some Ramen. We also discovered Korean Rice Cakes. Yum! Not at all the crunchy ones that you spread with peanut butter.

We got some little donut like goodies for dessert.

Some Tuesdays we just hang out for a while at the house, and the boys always have a good time, just talking, or playing their instruments or making movies together. This particular week, they spent a long time discussing where they have been, and where they would like to go.

Touring Devon Avenue after lunch at Tiffin, we stopped in one of the shops. Ruben explained various Hindu gods and goddesses to us, including Sita, after whom Ruben's sister was named.

Not far from Devon Avenue is Warren Park, where we found seven (!) geocaches. Most of them were a step up from the ones we usually find, and they were nestled in tree branches, tucked in tree knots, hidden in fence poles or similar, so it was much more exciting than the ones that are just magnetically attached to a Reader Box. The weather was nice, and it was a great day for our adventure.

We were looking for a cupcake food truck we thought would be parked in Lincoln Square, but it turned out it was a new location for Flirty Cupcake.

The most recent Tuesday found us at Olive Mediterranean Grill, right around the corner from science class.

In science class, they built venus fly traps.

And on the way home, we stopped by Stan's Donuts so Ruben could give them a try (we have been there a few times since they opened, probably more than we should have).

Ruben stayed with us for dinner, and he showed us how to make Matzo and Eggs, one of his favorite meals. They had so much fun working together to make the meal.

Almost Always Hungry