Thursday, June 14, 2007

Justin Roberts at Printers Row

We saw both Justin Roberts shows on Sunday at the Printers Row Book Fair. Otto keeps asking when we'll see him again. He's a really wonderful performer, with lots of fun moves for the kids for each song. Watching him jump up and down makes me wonder where all my energy has gone. The rest of the band is fantastic, as well, and Max really loves the trumpet player Dave, with his big (REALLY BIG!) shoes and other antics. There's always a mosh pit of little kids jumping up and down and screaming, and it's so fun to see them really enjoying themselves. Plus, all the parents seem to like the music too.

Needless to say, it was a great time. We saw so many people we know, friends that we didn't even know had children, friends who had recently had children but we hadn't met them yet, fellow fans of Justin Roberts who we recognized from other shows. It was beautiful weather and of course, we got more than our fair share of books. Now we need to get reading...but the weather has been so nice, we've been going going going all day, out and about, too busy to check email, too busy to blog (gasp!), and, alack, a woe, too exhausted at the end fo the day to read.

Oh yeah, there was a guy at the book fair with a parrot. He invited you to try to make it talk or laugh for $1 contribution. Despite all of our our attempts, the bird did not talk or laugh, he only pooped. But it was still fun to try.

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