Friday, January 11, 2013

Easing into the New Year

Ah, familiar January rituals. It's usually a quiet month, after all the hustle and bustle of December (which we all love, but when it is over, we feel exhausted and need some quiet days of recovery). We've been easing back into routines, starting up classes again (pottery and science, as well as Max's banjo lessons). But we've had some pretty quiet days too. The boys finally got some visitors to their Minecraft server, one of the visitor lives down the block, the other two live across the pond (their friends Eamon and Pierce, who are living in the UK). It has been a great way to connect to faraway friends (we get the occasional visit from Fergus on our server, and it's always like a celebrity sighting, the boys running around shouting that Fergus has been spotted on the server, then rushing to log on and play with him before he dashes off to play somewhere else).

New Year's morning waffles.

Movie day (we only watched one movie, since we had to get back to Chicago). We finished up Casablanca, which we had started watching on New Year's Eve, so it wasn't even a whole movie.

The annual eating/destroying of the gingerbread house (usually we only destroy them, which is a fun and messy activity in itself, but since this year's were homemade, they tried to eat them...they were pretty hard, and ultimately, we just threw them away, but it was worth a couple of bites).

We took our tree to be recycled/turned into mulch.

Action shots of throwing our treetop (repeatedly) into the pile. We had to cut it in half for easy transport, so we had a small, easy to throw tree for the kids amusement.

 The boys did a little walking on (frozen) water.

We checked out the Bang Bang Pie Shop for the first time (they opened last year, and I have no idea what took us so long to try THE BEST biscuits I've ever eaten, along with some truly delicious pie).

Otto models the ham and biscuit. Mmmmmm....

Lemon cream pie.

We also spent an afternoon browsing for records at Logan Hardware and played in their arcade. I got the high score on Ms. Pacman. I am sure they unplug them in periodically, so this can't be a very big deal, but I was still proud.

We picked up all our pottery from last semester (the teacher finally fired it all), and we proceeded to have breakfast with all our new bowls and mugs.

Cheesey buns from Smitten Kitchen. Yum.

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Palladio said...

Great start to the new year!
And Happy Birthday Martin!
Grandma and Grandpa