Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's wake the world and sing them back to sleep

We went to the cabin for the long weekend and to ring in the new year.

We had a small amount of snow, not really enough for snowman building, but the boys made a couple of valiant efforts before they gave up and made snow angels in the street.

We took a walk to the beach.

It was crazy cold and windy.

Even Lilli questioned the decision to be there, as she practically blew over in the wind.

Back home, she recovered with a long nap.

Max entertained us.

There were lots of games of Fastrack.

We took a nice drive on a sunny (but still very cold) day. We warmed up with a flight of beer and lunch at Wheatberry in Buchanan. We realized there are still so many places to discover on our visits to Indiana and Michigan.

We spent the last couple of hours of daylight at Fernwood Botanic Garden, where there were plenty of icicles for the picking.

Back at the cabin, there were more games.

Our traditional New Year's Eve meal has become Boeuf Borguignon. It is a warm and hearty dish, it is relatively simple to make, everyone likes it (or at least parts of it), and we get to light things on fire.

While the stew simmered, we mixed drinks. A careful observer might notice that the top of the shaker is falling off here, as Max is pouring the drink into the glass. We ended up with a table full of Manhattan. Luckily, there was just enough bourbon for one more round. (For the record, the boys were imbibing Shirley Temples, and only mixing the harder stuff.)

We played more games, and we watched the first half of Casablanca (the first time the boys had ever seen it). At 10:30, we decided we would go ahead and shoot off our fireworks, celebrating our own idea of when it was officially the new year. We were only a few blocks from the Michigan border, where it would be 2013 an hour earlier. We were out and shooting off our bottle rockets by 11:45, and we wondered if the neighbors were confused or annoyed (or at least I did, since I'm always worried we are disturbing the quiet little town when we shoot off our fireworks). While we were outside, we heard others joining in on the fireworks, so I felt better about the whole thing. And when we set off our finale, the Skybusters pack, we heard a cheer, which we decided was for us. 

There is always a lot of excitement when we shoot off fireworks, lots of grabbing and eagerness to be the one to light this one or that one. I have some fears about setting off explosives. This has dampened the overall fun of the event (or so I have been informed). I was asked to please remain calm during the lighting, and I asked that it would only be Martin to set them off, given the dark and very windy conditions. With these agreed upon parameters, we managed to have a pretty good time and a lovely display.

Happy New Year!


sushicargo said...

Happy New Year, lovely Chicagoans!
You all look sweet and proper and the boys have grown up so much since we last saw you...
Sending you all our love from Berlin

I.G. said...

Had dinner with your parents tonight & asked if you all were traveling, since you haven't updated your blog since Jan 11. Understand you're busy preparing for Martin's b-day. Hope it's fun! I enjoy your blog. You have such a cute family! I.G. (P.S. Your Dad suggested I post a comment... "Where the hell are you?", Anonymously.)

Rachel said...

Hi I.G.!
I'm so glad you finally posted a comment! And we are so delighted you read the blog and actually miss it when I fall into a non-blogging period. It has indeed been busy preparing for Martin's birthday, which was really lovely. I'll post about it when we get back to Chicago (we're in Indiana to celebrate). Hope you had a good dinner with my parents! And I hope we'll see you guys when we're in Tennessee!