Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two to Try

I made a delicious lunch for us today, even if, in the end, the boys preferred their usual cheese quesadilla to this enhanced version. I was inspired by Shanna Mallon on the blog FoodLovesWriting to make spicy sweet potato quesadillas. I just read the recipe this morning and was delighted to find I had all the ingredients on hand to make it immediately. Which was good, because we were all hungry. Her writing and photography are so amazing, and mine simply cannot compare (I need some more natural light in this kitchen), but I wanted to take pictures of each step, because it was so truly quick and easy and delicious. You might not want to read on if you happen to be hungry (unless you have the ingredients on hand to make some of these for yourself).

Shredded sweet potatoes, onions and garlic sauteed in coconut oil.

With a little oregano, chile powder, cumin and cayenne.

Shanna cautions not to overstuff your quesadilla, but I don't mind my quesadilla to be packed with veggies, so I filled mine pretty generously.

And to make it even more delicious, top it with parsley pesto.

(I mixed it with a little yogurt as suggested, but we only had Greek yogurt on hand, which was probably a bit too thick, as it was hard to sauce with it. It was still tasty.)

I threw some kale into the pan where I had sauteed the sweet potatoes, so I could deglaze it a bit (it still had remnants of the spices and some garlic, so I didn't want to waste it).

And look what awaits us for coffee/tea this afternoon. This is from another favorite food blog, SmittenKitchen. I have been wanting to make these since the week of Valentine's Day, but I had to get Dutch process cocoa first, so I had to wait until a visit to the grocery store.

They are indeed intense, as implied in the name Intensely Chocolate Sables. But they are a perfect afternoon snack, just one or two with a cup of coffee is just right.*

*Who am I kidding? We'll be lucky if this batch makes it through the night. 

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