Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sun Bright Swallow Sings

The first weekend of spring brought below freezing temperatures and the promise of a snowstorm. So when we woke on Sunday to some sun, it was a surprise and delight. As is widely joked in Chicago, there are really only two seasons here: winter and road construction. It's probably too early for the road construction season to be in full swing, but there are several house constructions underway, and we have been diligently checking in on them. I suppose watching houses go up (and sometimes watching houses come down), noting each stage (or when progress stalls), is a way of marking the passing of time. It always amazes me when a finished house stands where there was previously only a pile of sand. It's especially fun when we manage to sneak onto a site and explore it a bit further. We have been reprimanded by more responsible adults for our behavior, which, I suppose, is technically trespassing. But it's pretty hard to resist a balance beam playground.

I remember doing this with friends when I was a kid, especially because there was an entire subdivision being built in our previously sleepy little end of town, and it was fun to see what these new constructions were like and imagine our future neighbors. I still vividly remember one particular experience. We snuck into the interior of an almost completed house in a way I still find thrilling: we climbed into the dumbwaiter, which was in the basement/garage area, and pulled ourselves up by the rope, arriving in the kitchen. I'm sure we would have gotten in some trouble if we were discovered, and I would certainly discourage my own children from such obvious trespassing (I think I would, I think I would). But I was so interested in the progress, so curious to see what the finished house looked like inside. (Apparently, my architect father should have taken me to work more often so I could have had an excuse to oversee construction projects.)

We had a quiet weekend at the cabin, spent largely indoors by the fire. We observed earth hour on Saturday night by lighting a lot of candles and turning off all the lights. Max played his banjo for us in the candlelight for the entire hour, while we ate lemon curd cupcakes from the Grateful Diner (they were delicious, but there was something strange about eating them in almost darkness, making it very difficult for me to understand exactly what I was eating).

In other news, there was enough wind and sun mid-week to make the trek to the local park and try out our gliders. 

Oh, Spring. We are really very eagerly awaiting your true arrival.

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