Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cloud Man, Cloudless Sky

It's Chicago Humanities Festival the next two weeks, and thanks to another homeschooling mom who organizes tickets for these shows every year, we are going to see five different plays in the next 12 days. The first one was so very good I can't imagine we will top it. But we will certainly attend the rest with hopeful anticipation.

Cloudman was a quiet, sweet, beautiful piece that touched us all. Otto couldn't stop talking about it all night. Here they are, after the show, meeting Cloudman.

For a very brief glimpse of what the play was like, see their website.

And afterward, we went out into the sunny gorgeous day. We didn't see any Cloud Men, but we had fun cooling off in Millennium Park.

We convinced our friend Ruben to join us for science class.

Then we came home to spend the afternoon in the back yard with our chickens. Glo has been pecking on Junior. She doesn't even let Junior into the chicken house when she is there, she doesn't let her get to the food when she is eating, she doesn't let her up on the roost at night. We are not sure if we should do anything about it, but while I am trying to figure it out, the boys took matters into their own hands. After a pecking episode, they put Glo in solitary confinement. Not sure this is a good idea, and I explained we may just have to let them figure it out, that it's nature, and it will hopefully sort itself out. But before I released her, I had to capture the moment.

Here's Junior, free from her terrorizer, at least for a short time.

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