Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lena ist hier!

We have a new member of our family for the next three months. Her name is Lena, and she is a family friend of Martin's brother. She and her friend Katharina arrived on Sunday and will study English here for the next month, and take in some sights too. They will also speak German with us so we can improve our language skills as well.

They dressed alike so we would easily spot them at the airport (they are so cute!).

So far, we are easing them into the city. Katharina is staying with another homeschooling family not too far from us, and on Sunday, we all went to their house for a Welcome to Chicago picnic of hot dogs, cole slaw, potato salad and chips. See, that is the All-American Meal, as referenced in my previous post.

Yesterday, we met up with them again at the zoo.

And then we took Lena to Whole Foods (which was a new experience for her, to see such a huge and beautiful grocery store...wait 'til we take her to Costco!).

Martin's office is right around the corner, so we visited him there and took a little tour.

Then last night we hosted 20 other people at our house for a meeting about the chicken coop tour we will be having in a couple of weeks. To our surprise, a couple of old friends of ours (who we haven't seen in 10 years) showed up as fellow coop tour hosts. They are also German and have two 15-year old girls. It is so funny that we can show Lena so much German hospitality in the first couple of days of her stay. We hardly ever see other Germans in the city, so we are giving her a very distorted view of our lives here.

But we are having much fun with her. Lena is very sweet and considerate and is a very nice guest, and it will be nice to have her as part of our family for a little while.

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