Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lena's Advent Gifts (So Far)

Since Lena left, the boys have been so excited to come down each morning and open one of Lena's gifts from the Advent Table she set up before she left. It's so good she was so organized about everything, because I was completely unprepared this year, barely managing to fill the felt pockets of their wall calendar with chocolate, much less supply gifts of any kind.

So here's a peek into what they've received in the last 10 days from Lena.

December 5
First day without Lena. She wrote us such a lovely note, a thank you for the time here. We both marveled at its similarity to the card I had given her when we said goodbye at the airport (the boys and I had all made her cards to read on the airplane).

Max read the letter aloud to all of us.

December 6
Lego minifigures! We hadn't gotten any from this series, which came out shortly after Lena arrived. The boys were very excited to receive these.

December 7
A recipe for true German gingerbread, which we made on Thursday.

December 8
We brought this card to the cabin so we wouldn't miss a day. It was filled with photos from the visit, and a little list of German to English words.

December 9
This was a big note that said, "Check your email." Lena sent them some word puzzles.

We prettied up our Advent table so it's even more fun to check each morning!

December 11
Gummibären! (The real German ones, which truly taste so much better than their American counterparts.)

December 11
Blick gift certificate. So perfect! 

December 12
More lovely photos from the visit.

December 13
For almost the entire time Lena was visiting, we were unable to find our pastry brush. One one of her very last days here, we were looking for something that dropped under the sink cabinet, and Lena found the long lost pastry brush. Little did we know that she had already planned to supply us with a new brush. And that in the days since she had left, the brush had once again gone M.I.A., so her gift is perfect. We'll try to keep track of it, or at least rotate it around with the other one, so there's always one available.

December 14
A recipe for Lena's delicious pasta salad. And a Ritter Sport bar too!

Day 15
A funny German and English holiday poem, which Max tried to read aloud but eventually turned over to Martin.

And we still have 10 more days of surprises to open each morning. Such a thoughtful, wonderful, perfect gift to all of us. Thank you, Lena!

(Side note: I love how Otto is wearing a different shirt in every day's photo, but Max almost always has on the same black hooded sweatshirt. Like the years from 4-6 found Max almost always in costume, this year will be dubbed "The Year of the Brooklyn Hoodie."

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glo said...

How special Lena and her visit was for all of you. How sweet to see Max and Otto opening all the surprises.Your family continues to amaze. xoxo