Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Visting the pet store with Louie.

Homemade crepes.

Pokemon cards.

Portal assistance from David.

Brotherly love at the Botanic Garden.

Field Museum.

Hong Huah for lunch.

St. Patrick's Day breakfast.

Leprechauns on the bus.

A few small repairs...

Bonus: flat tire.

Lilli's new look, or: Alternative Use of Martin's Life is Good t-shirt. 

Lego animation class at our homeschool coop.

First bike ride of the season.

Parking the bikes at Bang Bang Pie shop...

Finally made it to Huck Finn's  in Bridgeport for breakfast.

And for donuts...

Bridgeport Arts Center.

Lake walk.

New haircut.

Chain maille tutorial.

Lilli's 3rd Birthday.

Beekeeper's uniforms.

New clay class at Penguin Foot Pottery.

Max and Glo.

Fun with filters.

Mandolin practice.

Breakfast with Mozart.

Waiting in line at Hot Doug's.

Weekend walk.


mesmith said...

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel... Live and Learn (not LIG shirt)!!! How quickly you forgot where you met the coolest family ever - haha.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, you're right. Is that the one from the first conference we went to in ABQ? Oh my gosh. I stand corrected. And reminded.